Anyone But Him - Sheila O'Flanagan



Andie Corcoran and her sister Jin have never seen eye to eye.

Andie doesn’t envy Jin her wealthy husband and luxury lifestyle, while Jin can’t believe Andie’s happy with her quiet and man-free existence (if only she knew!).

But when their widowed mother Cora comes back from a Caribbean cruise with more than just a suntan, Andie and Jin are united in horror. Who is this gorgeous young man who’s swept their mother off her feet? And what exactly does he want? On top of this, both sisters are about to face crises of their own.

What they really need is a friend to set the world to rights with – but can they ever be friends with each other?

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Anyone But Him by Sheila O’Flanagan

In a very good condition with some creasing to the spine. A few light marks and creasing to the cover. See photos for more details.

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Sheila O'Flanagan