Docker’s Daughter - Sally Worboyes



Kay Armstrong breaks away from her tough East End background where her friends are turning to crime and gets work in the City. Her friends introduce her to a different scene: the glamour of fashionable restaurants and the pleasures of drinking. Her dangerous lifestyle goes unnoticed by her parents, for Jack Armstrong is spearheading the great Dock Strike and Laura is caught up in the business of adopting Kay’s half-brother.

But then Kay goes too far and plans a holiday to Spain that involves forging her passport. While she is in trouble with the law, the attractive Romany Zacchi reappears and Kay has some hard choices to make…

Set against the backdrop of small-time crooks and big-time villains, the docks, streets, markets and pubs of Whitechapel in the early nineteen sixties, Docker’s Daughter is authentic and moving, full of the unquenchable spirit of the East End.

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Docker’s Daughter by Sally Worboyes

In a very good condition with some creasing to the spine. See photos for more details.

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Sally Worboyes