In the Heart of the Sea - Nathaniel Philbrick

Paperback - Very Good Condition


The sinking of the Nantucket whaleship Essex by an enraged spermwhale far out in the Pacific in November 1820 set in train one of the most dramatic sea stories of all time. Accounts of the unprecedented whale attack inspired Herman Melville’s mighty novel Moby Dick, but In the Heart of the Sea goes beyond these events to describe what happened when the twenty mixed-race crewmen took to three small boats and what, three months later, the whaleship Dauphin, cruising off the coast of South America, discovered when it spotted a tiny boat sailing erratically across the open occan.

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In the heart of the sea by Nathaniel Philbrick.

Very good condition. Small amount of creasing to the covers. No creasing on the spine.

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Nathaniel Philbrick