Matron in Charge - Evelyn Prentis

Paperback - Very Good Condition


“She should never have kept the business going after her husband died. Running a betting shop is no job for a woman. Especially when she’s got bad legs.” After a short stay at hospital herself, Evelyn Prentis wondered what was in store for her when she returned to work. From the door-slamming Miss Cromwell to Mrs. Silver’s shoplifting and Mrs. May coming over all queer, being Matron in charge of the Lodge was rarely straightforward. So when her ladies became unusually united in their grumbling about newest resident, Ivy, the woman who’d kept the betting shop on the High Street, Evelyn was ready for all hell to break loose. But instead, with openness and kindness, Ivy won people over and even started bringing them together. Suddenly, being in charge of the Lodge was no trouble at all.

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Matron in Charge by Evelyn Prentis

In an excellent condition. No creasing to the spine or cover. There is a sticker on the front cover.  See photos for more details.

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Evelyn Prentis