More Lives Than One - Libby Purves

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Kit Milcourt has been a climber, diver in exotic waters, and affluent young city banker. Now, because of his beloved Anna, he is a teacher. Glumly mediocre Sandmarsh High School is hard put to contain his maverick ideas, and only the soothing presence of Anna keeps the peace. But Anna can’t guard her erratic husband on the school trip—instead a far darker staff member follows him and discovers what Kit has secretly planned for the children amid the dim alleys of winter Venice. Between farce and tragedy the resulting events swiftly change Kit’s and Anna’s live in unthinkable ways, strain a great love to the limit, and open a dark chasm into the past.

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More Lives Than One by Libby Purves

In an excellent condition. See photos for more details.

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Libby Purves