Secrets at Bletchley Park - Margaret Dickinson

Paperback - Very Good Condition


With secrets to keep and secrets to hide, Mattie Price and Victoria Hamilton had grown up in different worlds, but the war brought them together and their work at Bletchley Park would bond them forever.

It is 1929 and life for young Mattie Price is tough in the back streets of Sheffield. But Mattie is clever beyond her vears and should have the opportunities in life she deserves.

Victoria Hamilton, living in the opulence of London’s Kensington, has everything a young girl could want – except the affection of a loving family and friends.

Mattie and Victoria are both set on paths that will bring them together at Bletchley Park in the spring of 1940. An unlikely friendship between the two young women is born and together they will face the rest of the war as codebreakers keeping the nation’s secrets. But keeping secrets is second nature to both of them

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Secrets at Bletchley Park by Margaret Dickinson

In a very good condition. There is a bend to the book. See photos for more details.

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Margaret Dickinson