Shelter in Place - Nora Roberts

Paperback - Very Good Condition


Simone Knox survived a massacre.

But someone still wants her dead.

When the shots rang out in the shopping mall, Simone Knox knew what to do. Shelter in place. So on that terrible day, when so many died, she was lucky. She survived.

More than ten years later, and now an acclaimed artist, Simone still struggles with grief and misplaced guilt. Living on a peaceful island off the coast of Maine, she meets Reed Quartermaine – another survivor of the shooting – who helps her to learn to live with the terrible events of that hot summer day.

But someone has been watching the survivors of the DownEast Mall massacre. They have spent years perfecting a plan to finish what was started that day, and Reed and Simone find themselves in a race-against-time to protect themselves, and others, from a killer who will not, and cannot stop.

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Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts

In an excellent condition. Some creasing to the spine. See photos for more details.

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Nora Roberts