Silvertongue - Charlie Fletcher

Paperback - Good Condition


“There are many things worse than war’ said the Queen. ‘Some of them live beyond the Stone Mirrors. One of them followed us back here and now things long feared, things that have never happened, will happen. And there will be hell to pay.’

Edie is on a mission. She has survived the worst and walked away from the Walker, And now there is only one thing that matters to her.

Meanwhile, the clock has struck thirteen. Time has frozen. All the people have disappeared, and the city is filling up with snow. The Last Knight is searching for George, in no hurry, for as an Agent of Fate he knows things will come to their inevitable end, to whar must surely be the decisive and final battle.

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Silvertongue by Charlie Fletcher (The Stoneheart Trilogy Book Three)

In a good condition with some creasing to the spine and cover. See photos for more details.

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Charlie Fletcher