The Anatomy of Nelson’s Ships - C Nepean Longridge

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Nelson’s history has been written from every possible angle, but this is not so with his ships. Such information as there is about the ships is buried in contemporary books on Naval Architecture; only the expert can sift it and present it in a usable form. In doing this, Dr. Long-ridge’s work becomes a veritable treasure trove for the naval historian and ship modeller. H.M.S. Victory is the supreme example of the ships of the period, and fortunately she is still in existence. The original draughts of 1765 have been pre-served, as have also the drawings used in the restoration of the ship in 1922. The author was thus able to compile from authentic sources and his model of the Victory now occupies a prominent position in the Science Museum at South Kensington.

The illustrations are a unique feature, they include a set of photographs, now made available to the general public, showing the interior construction of H.M.S. Victory and H.M.S. Implacable, the latter being taken only a few days before she was scuttled. There are nearly 200 line drawings, designed by E. Bowness, A.R.I.N.A., and executed by G. F. Campbell, Assoc.M.R.I.N.A., ranging from elaborate perspective drawings of the complex gear at the fore top and crosstrees to the simplest detail. The folding plates by G. F. Campbell include lines, inboard and outboard profile, deck plans of the hull, standing and running rigging plans, and a complete belaying pin plan.

Such an analysis of the ship of this period has never before been attempted and the ship lover, the naval architect and the ship modeller of today is fortunate in having such a work.

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The Anatomy of Nelson’s Ships by C Nepean Longridge

In a very good condition. Some creasing to the dust jacket. All pages and inserts are clean and intact.  See photos for more details.

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C Nepean Longridge