The Badness of King George - Judith Summers



Judith Summers’s life is about to change dramatically.

Her five-year relationship with her on-off boyfriend has finally ended. Her son, Joshua, is off to university, and for the first time since her husband died she’s living alone. Well, not entirely alone.

She still has George, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Judith knows she needs a new challenge. But how free can she ever be with George in tow? He is, of course, immensely lovely.

But he’s also spoilt, lazy and prone to flouncing around the house like a fluffed-up diva.

But then, during a chance encounter, Judith finds out about

Many Tears, a dog rescue centre. Before she knows it, she has joined a nationwide network of canine foster carers. Far from havins Jodith all to himself, George suddenly finds he has to share his owner with lots of other less fortunate dogs. And adjusting to this new way of life proves rather difficult.

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Judith Summers – The badness of King George

In a good condition. Small mark on the front cover and some minor dents on the back cover. Minimal creasing to the spine. See photographs for details.

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Judith Summers