The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology - Rosemary Ellen Guiley

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Beliefs about the conflict between good and evil can be found in every culture, mythical tradition, and religion throughout history. In many cases, the source of evil has been personified as demons or devils. In many belief systems, both are considered to be real entities operating outside the boundaries of the physical world to torment people or lead them astray. In some traditions, demons are believed to be the direct opposite of angels, challenging the forces of good. Real or not, demons are at the heart of many fascinating beliefs and traditions, some of which are widely held today.

The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology explores this dark aspect of folklore and religion and the role that demons play in the modern world. This comprehensive resource presents more than 400 entries and more than 80 black-and-white photographs documenting beliefs about demons and demonology from ancient history to the present and representations of demons in books, movies, and television shows.

Key topics covered include

  • Demons in different cultural and religious traditions
  • Demons in folklore and popular culture
  • Exorcism and other means of confronting demons
  • Historical cases of possession and demon activity
  • The history of demonology
  • Magic and witchcraft
  • Possession and other demonic phenomena
  • Modern-day demonologists and exorcists
  • Strange creatures and entities related to demons
  • Types of demons

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The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

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