The Iliad - Homer

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Widely regarded as being the earliest example of ancient Greek literature, The Iliad tells the epic story of the climax of the ten-year Trojan War. The legendary Greek warrior Achilles quarrels with Agamemnon – his Commander-in-Chief – over possession of the lovely maid Briseis and leaves the field of battle to sulk in his tent. As a result the fortunes of the Greek army suffer a reverse and Achilles is only drawn out again onto the field of battle to face the mighty Trojan hero Hector after his friend Patroclus has been slain by Hector while wearing Achilles’ armour. This is a story of war in which heroism and compassion rise above the tragedy of the conflict to the glory of the great warriors who are its inspirational and yet believable dramatis personae. It is a glorious reminder of the Mycenaean age.

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The Iliad by Homer

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