The Ops Room Girls - Vicki Beeby

Paperback - Very Good Condition


Even as Evie’s dreams come crashing down, she’s determined to make something of herself.

It’s 1939 and working class Evie has received a scholarship to study mathematics at Oxford when tragedy turns her life on its head. Seeking a new future for herself, she joins the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force as an Ops Room plotter, posted to a fighter station on the Sussex Coast.

There, Evie befriends two other WAAFs – shy, awkward

May and flirty, glamorous Jess – and the three girls band together to navigate new romances and keep their pilots safe in the skies. But the German bombers seem to know more than they should about the base’s operations, and soon Evie, May and Jess are caught up in a world more dangerous than they ever imagined.

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The Ops Room Girls by Vicki Beeby

In a very good condition with some creasing to the spine. See photos for more details.

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Vicki Beeby