The Other Side of Love - Jacqueline Briskin

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The Kingsmith ‘clan was a powerful and close-knit one. Old Porteous Kingsmith had had three sons born to his mighty silver and glass empire. Euan he had kept in London, Alfred had been sent to Berlin, Humphrey to New York. And now, at the Berlin Olympics of 1936, the clan was gathering, for two of them, German Käthe and American Wyatt, were representing their countries in the games. It was to be the Kingsmiths’ most triumphant hour.

As the tentacles of Hitler’s Germany began to wind around families, friends, businesses, so the Kingsmiths found themselves being torn apart. For between the radiant young Käthe, and her handsome American cousin, a fatal attraction was growing – fatal because of the secret of Wyatt’s half-Jewish blood lines. And as the storm clouds of war broke over their heads, not only the young lovers, but the entire clan found that their lives were changed.

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The Other Side of Love by Jacqueline Briskin

In a very good condition, some creasing and a sticker mark on the back cover. See photos for more details.

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Jacqueline Briskin