Wake Up - Piers Morgan

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In 2020, the world faced its biggest crisis in a generation: a global pandemic. In the UK, it exposed deep divisions within society and laid bare a toxic culture war that had been raging beneath the surface. While stockpilers and lockdown cheats revealed our grotesque levels of selfinterest, attention-seeking celebrities tried to make the war about their struggle, and the virtue-signalling woke brigade continued their furious assault on free speech, shutting down debate on important issues like gender, racism and feminism.

Yet just as coronavirus exposed our flaws, it also showcased our strengths. We saw selfless bravery in the heroic efforts of our healthcare staff. A greater appreciation of migrant workers.

The return of local community spirit. And inspiring, noble acts from members of the public.

Wake Up is Piers’s rallying cry for a united future in which we reconsider what really matters in life. It is a plea for the return of true liberalism, where freedom of speech is king. Most of all, it is a powerful account of how the world finally started to wake up. and why it mustn’t go back to sleep again.

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Wake Up by Piers Morgan

In a very good condition with some creasing to the spine. See photos for more details.

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