Wendy: The Bumper Book of Fun for Women of a Certain Age - Jenny Eclair, Judith Holder

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What do you call a woman who’s not old, and not young? Just right. The “Certain Age” is the Greatest Age, a time to lay back and enjoy the comforts of a cardigan and slipper-filled existence, to pay due credit to the nutritional values of pre-packaged food, and to lovingly daydream about replacing your man with a Daniel Craig lookalike. But it’s not all loose-fitting clothing and fake Hollywood boyfriends, there are the pitfalls and heartaches too—determining the best fad diet, worrying about your husband’s (and your own) expanding waistline, or managing to dance at a wedding without forcing all the other guests to run away screaming. From the writers and creators of Grumpy Old Women comes this beautifully illustrated, hilarious, and indispensable guide for all women of a certain age. Readers will learn how to identify different types of thrush in your back garden, how to make the perfect packed lunch, and the secrets of beauty on a budget—discover the wonders of lard! The miraculous Cardboard Diet is also covered, along with Dealing with ECD (Excessive Cleaning Disorder), the joys of a comfy tunic, and thrift—the lost and forgotten hobby. For the more discerning, there are hot pictures of your favorite middle-aged TV pin-up—Bill Turnbull doing the gardening, James Nesbitt in tennis whites, and Richard Hammond playing the guitar.

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Wendy: The Bumper Book of Fun for Women of a Certain Age by Jenny Eclair and Judith Holder

In an excellent, as new,  condition. See photos for more details.

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Jenny Eclair, Judith Holder