X-Files: Ground Zero - Kevin J Anderson

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Renowned nuclear weapons researcher, Dr. Gregory, is not only dead he’s been charred to a radioactive cinder in his laboratory at the Edward Teller Nuclear Research Facility near Oakland, California. Since this is a death on Federal property, Mulder and Scully are hastily called in. As FBI agents who specialize in unexplained phenomena, they are the investigators of the “X-Files”, strange and inexplicable cases which are also mysteries that the FBI doesn’t want solved.

As Mulder and Scully begin their frustrating work, they confront a tight-lipped Federal bureaucracy whose job it is to stop questions before they are asked. One by one, Mulder and Scully hit dead ends, closed security clearances, and classified documents that no one wants them to see. But that doesn’t stop them from ripping the lid off Dr. Gregory’s illegal project a new type of flash nuclear explosive that has all the destructive power of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs, but with a new design that leaves virtually no radioactive fallout. As they feverishly work to uncover why Dr. Gregory and two others unrelated to his research have died, it becomes clear that this twisted puzzle has fatal consequences for the entire world.

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X-Files: Ground Zero vy Kevin J Anderson

In a good condition with some markings to the edges of the pages and slight creasing to the spine. All pages are intact. See photos for more details.

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Kevin J Anderson