Weapons of the Trench War 1914-1918 - Anthony Saunders

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Before 1914, trench warfare was a kind of fighting unforeseen by the armies of Britain, France and Germany, so none was equipped to fight it. Specialized weaons and equipment were needed for the violent environment of the trenches and these had to be developed and introduced to the Front as quickly as possible. In Britain, a plethora of inventions departments sprang up to address the problem, and from these there emerged a number of remarkable weapons, although some also came from civilians such as William Mills and Wilfrid Stokes. Hand and rifle grenades as well as trench mortars emerged as potent trench weapons and had a fundamental effect on the conduct of fighting in the trenches.

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Weapons of the Trench War 1914-1918 by Anthony Saunders

In an excellent condition. One light crease to the top of the spine. There is a sticker mark on the top of the back cover. See photos for more details.

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